Custom Orthotic Footbeds

Improve your health and well-being from the ground up!

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Built For Your Feet

Why Choose FitThotic Footbeds?

Everyone can benefit from FitThotic custom orthotic footbeds at one time or another. It is our job to offer materials combination and fabrication techniques that best fit your needs. Unlike ordinary, over the counter foot aids — which are designed using generic foot shapes — Ped Orthic Services uses an impression of your feet to create a corrected and balanced CAD file (Computer Aided Design) to create your custom footbeds. Our philosophy is that if the product is not comfortable, it won't be worn, therefore, it is not doing the job. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Benefits of Your FitThotic Custom Orthotic Footbeds

  • Makes tired feet feel better.

  • Enhances sports performance from the ground up!

  • Helps prevent sports injuries with proper alignment.

  • Recommended by doctors to correct pronation.

  • Often alleviates knee, hip and back pain.

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