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What’s Your Foot Type?

What’s your foot type and why should you care? We are all born with attributes and short comings. Some people are too tall, some people are too short, weight issues, good/ bad coordination, good health, bad health, athletic ability, or not.  So, given this crap shoot of “the good, the bad and the ugly,” why should we care about this seemingly inconsequential condition of foot type?

It’s not a problem until it’s a problem. The foot is the foundation of our posture as a human. The foot dictates our ability to walk down stairs, enter restaurants, go to work, play basketball  and all the physical endeavors we do every day without even thinking about it.... Seemingly simple structure, 26 bones, a couple of joints, ligaments and tendons. What could go wrong?

So, you say, “my feet don’t bother me, not my issue.” OK, great, how about your ankle? How about your knee? Hip? Lower back? If you are pain free, you are lucky; for the rest of us, listen up! Your foot type predisposes you to certain conditions. Faulty foot mechanics cause postural imbalances. Postural imbalances cause stress & strain on our joints, ligaments, and muscles causing fatigue, pain and injury. Osteoarthritis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis… and now that Saturday run is off limits to you; the day outing or golf match with your friends becomes a fatiguing, painful experience. Maybe you decline an invitation because you’re not physically capable anymore. It’s not your fault.

Certain foot types will get worse with age. Correcting them early in life with orthotic support will prevent these problems. Many people, out of ignorance or complacency, will neglect, abuse the structure that enables most all up right human movement. And, lastly, they will say: “Man, I wish I had understood this earlier in life." 

If this is not dramatic enough… here’s one more. We are in a losing battle with gravity. In fact, all of us will lose this battle as our bodies slowly break down into the ultimate demise of our physical ability. Need help? Want to slow this process? You know who you are. Our job is to identify, educate and help people with their “less than perfect” feet.  Pedorthists are trained in the disease and injury of the lower extremity, as well as the biomechanics as it relates to gait and the design and construction of foot orthotics. 

Stay tuned for further posts as we delve into the intricacies of each foot type and provide solutions to the good, the bad and the ugly of “What’s your Foot Type?”

Vince Catania, Certified Pedorthist

Vince Catania is the owner/operator of FitThotic and, an orthotic manufacturer. He has dedicated his professional life to providing solutions for people with foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain that is derived by faulty foot mechanics. He believes the quality of life is enhanced dramatically by our ability to move freely, uninhibited by pain. His pedorthic practice consults people daily with video analysis through and/or office visits at his office in Portland, Oregon. To make an appointment, call 503-992-6366 or 800-439-9043 or contact us on line.

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