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What’s the Best Running Shoe for my Feet?

People ask 'what kind of running shoe should I buy?" As I am the keeper of all running shoe knowledge, I reply, "the shoe that fits your foot the best." As the disappointment roles across their face, I continue. Proper fit is critical, do not get hung up on size because size varies from manufacturer and models. Purchase your running shoes from a dealer that takes the time to size and evaluate your foot type. Work with an experienced sales person with the knowledge to match your foot shape with footwear available on the market. Beware of limited styles and closeout pricing. A good deal is not always a good deal when it comes to running farther without pain or injury.

Running shoes continue to evolve. Many manufactures are making shoes lighter with the goal of enhancing your own stride rather than affecting it in some other way. Shoe shape, ramp angle, cushioning all varies from shoe to shoe so try them on and test them using a tread mill or indoor track before purchase. It seems the minimalist craze has quieted, finally, as people have learned the hard way that "support" is good for most foot types. Consider additional arch support if you over pronate and remember that the best shoe for you is the one that fits your foot properly.

Vince Catania C.Ped is an avid runner and cyclist in Portland, Oregon. He works with all types of foot related issues and believes his clients have the greatest wisdom for their own personal health. Current clients consist of marathoners and ultra-marathoners.

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