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I Have Not Met a Symmetrical Human Yet

Have you ever noticed that some people stand up straight and others do not? Have you ever noticed that some people walk and move gracefully and others do not? Why do some people look tired and fatigued after being on their feet for long periods of time? Do you think gravity plays a role? How a bout joint alignment and posture?

People come to me for foot orthotics for many different reasons. Sometimes its just for foot pain while other times they are seeking solutions for discomfort in other parts of their body i.e. lower leg, knee, hip, back. After discussing their symptoms, which includes an understanding of injury, disease, surgery, body weight, usage etc, a pattern develops-Joint alignment and posture can be improved. As we age, the sum total of all these factors, including genetics, take their toll on the joints of our body. Wear and tear is often the cause of joint replacement which is very common these days.

Are custom foot orthotics a “magic pill” that solves all your problems? No, but proper foot alignment and arch support goes a long way to enhance better posture, correcting or supporting the asymmetry that can be seen in most people.

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