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As competitive/performance endurance athletes, cyclists pay thousands of dollars for equipment, fitting services, training and coaches to maximize the enjoyment of the sport. Whether you are on a race team or out on a Saturday ride, POWER, COMFORT and WEIGHT matter.

POWER – Knee-foot alignment is critical to generating speed. The unique nature of the foot anatomy can work against this goal. The subtalar joint, beneath the ankle, allows pronation and supination of the foot. This design is great for absorbing shock and adjusting to uneven terrain while walking or running, but can cause inefficiency while riding a bike. Firm carbon out soles of bike shoes help; but if the bones of the foot are not properly aligned and supported, pronation will occur, robbing efficiency and ultimately power from your pedal stroke.

COMFORT – The interface between your foot and the flat bottom of the inside of the shoe is the key to comfort. FitThotic custom footbed matches the exact contour of your foot providing even contact to your unique foot arch anatomy. Hot spots and/or numbness can be avoided by upgrading the stock insert. Many shoe companies have addressed this issue with aftermarket direct molded footbeds, but you can do better.

WEIGHT – Not all footbeds are equal. Most foot orthotic fabricators don’t understand that extra weight, even a little bit, matters to cyclists. You spend too much money on lightweight gear to put a clunky piece of plastic in your shoes. FitThotics are designed to be feather light with endurance athletes in mind.

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