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Could your ankle, knee, hip or back PAIN be coming from your feet?

I have dispensed a lot of custom orthotics over the years and am amazed at the wide ranging results patients report. People who have come to me with foot pain comment on how the orthotics have helped their hip and lower back pain. This information is observational and I have always been reluctant to publish these findings without noting scientific studies for proof. However, my observations are not unique and other practitioners have explored the same clinical findings.

Here is a great article on the Lower Extremity Review website >>

If you observe feet, you will notice patterns i.e. high arch, low arch. All feet fit into a Foot Type category. Sometimes these foot shapes are hereditary and other times they are the result of pathology or injury. Regardless of the reason, faulty foot mechanics can dramatically affect joint alignment, posture and ultimately determine whether you have or will develop foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain in your lifetime.

Often, treatment is isolated at the point of discomfort with rest, stretching, strengthening, manipulation and medication. Although this might be part of the solution, re injury may occur upon repetitive over use without addressing the underlying foot mechanics with an orthotic. FitThotic custom orthotic footbeds are an affordable solution. Give them a try!

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